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Use a chat bot API to create a new feature for a well known brand.

It’s no secret that Airbnb is continually growing at a rapid rate, attracting hosts and
guests all over the world with its amazing prices and unique experiences. They already
excel in booking rooms, but how can they do just as well with experiences/events.

Inisight:  Airbnb has been so successful because it lets people travel and feel like a local.
Hosts help out by providing a list of restaurant recommendations and bars to enhance the guest’s
stay, but not all hosts can provide a 7 star experience or have the best advice for you.

Solution: Loci
A new chatbot in collaboration with Messenger, that knows when you have
booked a new trip and is there to answer all of your questions. Loci notifes you of
concerts/parties that you would be interested in the second you arrive to your destination.
It knows all of the local spots based off of advice from Superhost in your radius.
The bonus to using Messengers API is that it is connected to your facebook. 
This way it can gather more information on what your interests are before you even ask.

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