Miami Ad School

The Souper Hangover

Creative team
Stephanie Carrasco- AD
Isaac Sorenson- CW

Problem: The Hangover

One of humanities oldest and most elusive enemies, especially
among the younger generation, from college-aged and up.

Solution: Soup

The vitamins, minerals, fat and broth make our chicken
noodle soup a more effective hangover cure than water, energy drinks, or food, alone.


A line of Campbell’s Soups designed for the party-inclined with the
promise of a better recovery.

No matter what happened last night, have a #SouperHangover.

Social Extension

We’ll send out a challenge to two rival universities before their biggest
grudge match. Like Duke and North Carolina, for example. The challenge is simple:
the school that uses the hashtag #SouperHangover the most will receive free
soup to combat the post-game hangover. And we’ll design cans to commemorate
the game, too.

Because winning or losing the big game isn’t nearly as important as
beating the next day’s hangover.

*won Silver in MASB Best of Show Award Q4-18

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